The Story

This is a work of fiction that contains some content intended for mature audiences and NSFW scenes; discretionary caution is highly advised.

As Far As The World Goes (AFATWG) is a Sims 3 graphic novel initially following the lives of several families, generation after generation.

It was meant to be the story of a whole town, with narration coming and going between households, but as it unfolded, it focused more and more on the Golzine family. As criminal masterminds, they are the ones ultimately pulling the strings in the city. Golzine heirs all have a different style but each of them is bound by family duty and a tendency to attract complicated love affairs. Most storylines are connected to them in some way or another: their family has a lot of branches, not mob-related, although they tend to be influential.

In AFATWG, there is drama a-plenty, with a pinch of comedy, there are heaps of romance (particularly forbidden love stories because that’s my jam), there is action with guns and knives, an underworld of supernaturals, and above all, there are morally grey characters.

If you wish to get caught up, I would not recommend to read from the beginning (that’s why there are no chapter lists available for Parts 1 to 5), but to read the summaries instead then continue on to 6th Part.

1st Part Summary #001-#152

2nd Part Summary #153-#281

3rd Part Summary #282-#393

4th Part Summary #394-#486

5th Part Summary #487-595

6th Part Chapter List #596-#726

Final Part Chapter List #727-#745

To the Edge of Time #746-…

Trailer 6th Part


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    • Thank you so much!! I’ve been nominated on Tumblr as well, so I’ve replied to your questions on my Tumblr, I hope you don’t mind?
      Thank you again, it means a lot coming from someone as talented as you…

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