158 – Burnt Hot Dogs

Abby had just turned into a real little princess, and was about as spoilt. Her father was so happy to have her back at his side that he showered her with presents.


It was also Viggo’s birthday, so the family went to spend one day on the beach and seaside swimming pool.


Tara didn’t even need to ask Viggo to take care of the hot dogs. She liked that new Viggo.


He could almost become the perfect man…”, she thought.


Or not… “You dropped one, you idiot.”


« Better and better. »


“You really can’t do anything right, can you?”


–          Oh give me a break, won’t you! It’s not like it’s the end of the world!

–          It is our lunch, you moron! There’s nothing else to eat! Why can’t you pay more attention?


“Listen Tara, I don’t wanna go through this once again. Can’t you, like, be a little bit nicer? I’m really making an effort here… If you don’t do it for me, at least do it for Abby.”


“I know… You’re right. I should make an effort too.”


“I’ll try to be more patient. Just bear with me, ok?”


–          Wow, I feel so mature suddenly.

–          You only have more wrinkles.

–          Why, thanks for that.

1854 1855

–          Abby dear, dad has burnt those hot dogs with all his heart, so we are going to eat them with a smile, ok?

–          Ok, mom…

–          Tara, I can hear you. I’m sitting right here, remember?


“See? It’s not that bad with a lot of ketchup.”



2 thoughts on “158 – Burnt Hot Dogs

    • Viggo is a bit of a loser. 😀 Tara has always been the dominating one in their relationship. But she likes him though, she’s even ready to compromise.

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