157 – The Quiet Life

Celebrating the twins’s birthday was a big event for the Parsons farm. All the family gathered to watch them their becoming of age.


First was Frank. Who just went on being a bad boy.


Then came Sandy.


She knew the risk, but she said it nevertheless: “Mum, dad, I want to be a photographer.”


–          What did you just say?!? You’re like your brother, you don’t think farming is cool enough for you, do you?

–          That’s… not what I said.


Big brother Jim stepped in.

–          That is a very selfish thing to say, Sandy. You know how hard our parents have worked for this farm. It is our duty as children not to let it go to waste.

–          Oh please, don’t suddenly go all brotherly with me. You’re biased.


–          If being biased is being a good son, then I am indeed.

–          Well then, perfect. You are the heir and I am just an ungrateful child. Just let me live my life.


With those words, she left the farm, never to come back. She knew what to expect and had saved enough money to rent a small apartment. It was far from the city and the job opportunities, but it was HERS. She was ready to take on any hardship life would throw at her.


She left her picture of Kheops on the desk. She liked staring at it, it was one of her best shots. All the while, she had kept in touch with her Egyptian friend Dounia. Shortly after having moved in, she received a strange message from her. She just gave an address in town, asking her to go there.


Intrigued, she did as she was begged. The taxi left her in front of a beautiful mansion in a rich residential area.


Then, Dounia herself appeared at the gate. Sandy was stunned: “Dounia?… Wait, what…?”


Dounia laughed at her stupefaction: “We have decided to come and live here! I would have called you earlier but there were so many things to do! Besides, I thought you’d like the surprise!”


“Reaaaally?!? That’s GREAT!!”


“I’m glad you didn’t call. It’s such a nice surprise!”


“You remember my brother Kheops?”


“And you Kheops, do you recognize Sandy?”


“Of course I recognize her.”


–          Sandy, I am now married to Youssef.

–          Yo.

–          The three of us live here together, but we won’t stay in this dump forever, we’re planning to buy something more suitable.

–          “This dump?!”


–          Kheops didn’t like Youssef, did he?

–          They still hate each other.

–          Oh.

–          Mmmph… Cutting this stuff is way too hard. We usually have a cook, but I thought I’d make dinner this time, since you are the guest.

–          Are you sure?…


It was not as bad as expected.


–          You know, my brother hasn’t stopped talking about you since you left.

–          What?!

–          I think he really likes you.


–          Listen Dounia, that’s going too fast. I don’t think…

–          But why?


–          You don’t like him, is that it?


“That’s not the problem”, replied Sandy, wishing Dounia was more discreet. She was sure Kheops had heard the whole discussion.


Back in her apartment, Sandy threw an indecisive look at Kheops’ picture on her desk. She didn’t know what to do. She was sure she was not ready to have a boyfriend. But this was Kheops and there was no denying that she felt some attraction towards him.


She turned the frame over, picture down, sighed and went to bed.


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