159 – Art Talk

Rose wanted a private funeral for her husband. She didn’t want any of the media around. She barely tolerated Ruby’s presence. Adonis Golzine suggested to pay his own tribute by playing during the whole ceremony.


This was a strange place to meet, but it was actually the first time that Ange saw Theo’s mother. She stayed in the background, and once the ceremony was over, went to Béranger’s grave.


Looks like Theo is getting famous against his will. Even Anna recognizes him.


–          Mum, there is someone I’d like you to meet.

–          It’s very nice to meet you. My name is Ange.


–          My, I wouldn’t have supposed…  I mean, Theo is so reserved that…

–          Mum, please…


“Helena, I’m stuck here. Could you please go and check what they’re saying over there? I don’t like the way it looks. You know Paule anyway.”


–          Jacob, you stay here. You are too jumpy.

–          ‘kay… I’ll let you deal with it, mum.


Helena knows her husband and her son well enough to know they would have ruined it all. Paule was an old lady and had suffered enough in her life not to endure mean allusions about her son.


“Good evening. What an unusual gathering, isn’t it?”


“Oh Helena! I’m so glad to see you here, it’s been so long! How do you like my painting?”


While the two mothers happily discussed art, Theo slipped by Ange’s side: “Sorry about that, art is my mother’s favorite topic. You didn’t get the chance to talk much with her.

“Don’t worry, there will always be another opportunity for us to get better acquainted.”


Once they had returned back home, Paule got suddenly dizzy. “You should go to bed, mum.”


Theo tucked his mother into bed, but then noticed she had an amused smile on her face. “What?” he asked a bit too sharply.

“How old is that girl?”


–          Seventeen, he replied, avoiding to meet her eyes.

–          I see…


She didn’t make any other comments and he was grateful for that.


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