161 – Good Seeds and Bad Seeds

In the suburbs, other children were also aged to teenagers. Like Evelyne Cornel for instance.  Who would have thought that the ugly duckling would have such a sweet little face later on?


She might be cute, but she still had her head in the clouds. With a ghost hunter as a mother and an undertaker as a father, living in a medieval castle that was barely upgraded since that time, you couldn’t expect her to be normal. She died the tip of her hair red for some unknown reason and could spend a whole afternoon out in the fields, often falling asleep somewhere.  1886

And this was exactly how she met Sacha Parsons who was then gardening peacefully.


Sacha was autistic, even though he hadn’t been diagnosed as such, and his parents were respectable farmers who didn’t think him respectable at all. His mother Irma decided a long time ago to simply ignore his existence. His father was a bit kinder to him but not knowing how to deal with Sacha’s issue, he stubbornly continued to treat him as if nothing was wrong.

Sacha didn’t know many girls, but he was quite sure that they were usually not to be found lying on the ground, as calm as death.


So he was a bit worried about that one.


He poked her once or twice, just to make sure.


And then bam! The next second, she was up, although her mind didn’t look quite there yet.


“Oh hi! I’m Evelyne! What’s your name? I think I was asleep, wasn’t I? Did I look like I was having a nice dream? I cannot remember it right now, it just went poof.”


That was just too many sentences for Sacha who began to stutter.


Not disconcerted one bit and about as suddenly as she had woken up, she went to the fence bordering Sacha’s garden and asked: “Is that your garden? Do you live here? It looks so well-tended, I love it!”


She didn’t need to say anything else to win Sacha’s heart and got him started on a long rambling about good and bad seeds, slugs and fertilizers.


From then on, Sacha would follow Evelyne around everywhere.


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