166 – Lies

Inspector Gutierrez got a phone call from a detective called Chris Daumillier, who wanted to see her about a man he’s been following the past few weeks. He thinks he is dangerous and might be linked to Yann Wong’s assassination, but Chris cannot do much alone and needs the police to check up on him.


He fixed an appointment with her at the library in the suburbs.


He then proceeded to explain his findings about the man named Reagan Richmond.


–          I could send someone to question him, I guess.

–          Please do that. I’m convinced he is up to something big.


And so, she sent her husband to investigate further Reagan’s doings.


“May I ask you what you were doing the night of the 5th?”


“Why, officer, I was here at home, relaxing after a hard day of work.”


“Would you have an alibi?”


“Of course I do! Chloe, come here for a moment please!” Chloe, who was sitting in the bedroom the whole time, knew this was coming and what Reagan expected of her, and she didn’t find it enjoyable at all.

1953  1954

“Officer, this is my partner, Chloe. She can confirm that I was here with her the night of the 5th.”


“Right, baby?”


So you’re bringing me down with you, aren’t you?” is what she thought. But she said: “I do confirm Reagan was with me that night. He even gave me some flowers!”


Officer Fangmann took note of their testimonials and left shortly after, much to Reagan’s relief.


“You were great, baby. You just saved my skin. But what was that crap about flowers?”


“Oh, you know… Since I had to lie, I thought I might as well go the whole way.”



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