168 – New Age

Violette was back home after some late afternoon shopping and had the surprise to find a smiling Orian in her back garden, who had apparently waited for her this whole time. How he always seemed to find where she lived she had no idea.


He pulled her to his arms in an instant, closing the garden door on them to shelter them from prying eyes and set about kissing her.


Then he drew back abruptly. He had just felt Violette’s unusual bump. She answered his silent question: “Yes, I’m pregnant. And it’s yours.”


This seemed to fluster him quite a bit. “Why didn’t you… get an abortion?” he finally asked.


“Because I wanted to keep it” she replied simply, holding his gaze.


At this, Orian smiled. Almost tenderly.


He made love to her with extra caution, a deed which Violette had not thought him capable of.



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