172 – Not An Option

That day was Hector Parsons’ and Ruby Blythe’s wedding day. They had finally gathered enough money to make it happen.


Hector was wearing his military formal attire, and Ruby a rather low-cut wedding gown.


They had invited many of their former neighbors from the village where the party was taking place. The Cornels and Evelyne were invited as well, to Sacha’s great relief. His parents made it clear that he had to attend his uncle’s wedding, and he felt less nervous among other people when Evelyne was there. Just being near her made him forget he was in the middle of a crowd.


She was also looking particularly beautiful that night, and Sacha felt like he should tell her so. “I… I think you look particularly beautiful tonight.”


“My, aren’t you a womanizer Sacha? Stop that, I’m going to blush!”


With her medieval dress and her half-dyed red hair, she was certainly attracting male attention. The problem with small villages is that you always have to invite people that you don’t know personally, but not inviting them would quickly become the town’s gossip. The Strikers were famous sport players, and their son, Sebastian, was the rising star of the team. They had to be there.


Sebastian was the kind of guy who thought the world is at his disposal. He just grabbed the arm of a random man (who happened to be Frank, Sandy’s twin brother) and asked him if he knew the young girl in the weird dress. “Oh her? She’s Evelyne Cornel, the lunatics’ daughter. Cute but she has a screw loose if you ask me.”


If she’s simple-minded, it will be all the more easy.


–          Erm… Excuse me but you’ve just interrupted the conversation between me and my friend. Sacha, what were you saying?

–          No… nothing…


–          I’m really sorry, I won’t be long. I was just asking if you’d be interested in a ride in my car later tonight?

–          A ride? Why would I be interested in a ride? How is that fun?


While Sebastian was trying to explain how “fun” a ride with him could be, Sacha was looking intently at him. He knew who it was, and he also knew that girls liked someone like him.


Evelyne hadn’t told him to go away yet. Maybe that meant… that she liked him too. “Sacha?”


–          Sacha! Wait! Where are you going?!

–          So? How about it?


Evelyne simply looked disdainfully at Sebastian before rushing out on Sacha’s tail. She found him outside, he didn’t dare going any further. “Hey… what happened?” she asked in a soft voice. “You… you like… th-that kind of man?” he stammered.


“I hate him, you moron. C’me here… Is that why you panicked?”


–          Don’t worry. There is no way I’d fall for a jerk like him.

–          Ev… Evelyne…


“Then stay with your retard boyfriend, you freak.”


“See? He’s a jerk, plus he’s got an ugly car. He’s definitely not an option, don’t you think Sacha?”



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