177 – Stitches

When the doorbell rang in the middle of the night, Violette had a pretty good idea of who it might be. But she didn’t immediately see Orian when she opened the door. She had to wander in the backyard to find him…


“Orian?” As she called him, he turned around and lost his grip on the wall. Seeing her, he fell unconscious on the floor.


He was obviously wounded.


Violette dragged him inside the house and checked his vitals. Besides his bloodied face, he didn’t seem to have sustained any other serious injury.


He soon regained consciousness and made a failed attempt to get up. “Mind if I borrow your lap for a while…?” he breathed.


–          I guess it’s useless to ask what happened?

–          Clever girl.


When he felt better, he managed to climb the stairs and crashed into bed. Violette did her best to clean his wounds, but the cuts were quite deep. She asked if she should take him to the hospital to get stitches but he dismissed the idea with a wave of his hand.

–          But you’re going to get scars at this rate.

–          I don’t give a shit.


The next morning, the wound has dried but there was undoubtedly a deep scar on the arch of the eyebrow and he was not able to fully open his eye. “Told you” Violette said reproachfully.


“And I told you I didn’t give a shit” he replied kissing her briefly.


–          What’s the problem with that TV?

–          I don’t know… it seems to be broken. I have to call the repairer.


–          No need. I can fix it for you. Lemme have a look.

–          What? Are you sure?


Violette watched him work silently. He straightened up after a few minutes: “There. Fixed. You don’t need to call the repairer for something like that.” Only then he noticed that she was staring hard at him. He frowned: “What?” – “So you can make yourself useful” she replied. He sat down next to her on the sofa and brought her face close to his.

–          You have some nerve, making fun of me.

–          I wouldn’t dare. You’re wounded, that would be low.

Orian couldn’t help but smile.


Violette had an appointment with her sister and left him in the house to get some rest. She had kept her pregnancy a secret for as long as she could, and when she could no longer hide it, she refused to say who the father was, saying it was an accident and that she would raise the baby by herself. Faith was a bit hurt by her sister’s lack of trust, but she had decided to accept it. Besides, Chester had proposed to her and although she was convinced he would be a good husband, she was under the impression that she didn’t love him the same way he loved her and couldn’t fully shake those doubts off her head. Faith had announced her engagement over the phone, but Violette had suggested that she popped over with Seth to congratulate her in person.


“Do you want to bottle-feed your nephew?”


“Awww… isn’t he the cutest thing in the world?”


Faith put back a replete baby in Violette’s arms and sat down next to her.

–          You still won’t say how you happened to have this baby?

–          Faith, please… don’t insist.

–          Alright, alright. But we’re all very worried about you, you know.

–          I’m fine, ok?


–          You have not always been “fine”.

–          That was before.

–          Before Seth?

–          … Yes. Before Seth.



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