181 – Dawn

Eve and Cain were supposed to meet at the game center. She spotted him instantly, playing alone and waiting for her.


But her smile faded at once. “No… it can’t be…” He had THAT smell.


Cain greeted her smiling and tried to hug her. She pushed him back, frightened. He looked a bit taken aback but took her rejection for shyness: “Sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.”


“No… no, I’m fine. Long time no see, huh?” she managed to say, trying to control her overwhelming desire to bite him here and now.


As they were playing and Cain was telling her all about his new job as an architect, she fought for keeping her thirst under control and tried to focus on the game instead.


I can do it. I have to do it. Oh my God, of all people why did it have to be him…?


“I heard some people from our old group were going to The Docks tonight. Do you want to go with me?” Eve was sure it wasn’t a good idea. But her heart said yes and she didn’t want to let those stupid instincts win. She wanted to live a normal life and said she’d love to go.


She walked behind him so that he wouldn’t notice the nausea that began to well from inside her.


I’ve got to calm down. I only have one fruit with me but it may help to hold on for some time at least.


The first person she saw was the person she least wanted to see. Nor expected to see. Her nerdy ex-boyfriend Simon Hamming. “Are you really trying to punish me, God?” she silently begged as he walked straight up to her and started to explain how he had taken a liking to club music and was even a DJ at times.


Loud music and so many thoughts… Eve felt dazed by the noise. But at least, the mix of different smells made Cain’s less noticeable to her. She could still smell him as soon as he got closer though…

–          Sorry, I wouldn’t have thought Simon would be here. He was not the type of guy who liked clubbing.

–          That’s alright! It doesn’t matter, really!


She was getting mroe and more nervous. “Gotta go to the bathroom” she said urgently. “Erm, ok…” She barely heard Cain’s reply.


She greedily ate up the blood fruit but it didn’t quite quench her thirst as it should have.


What kind of joke is this? Unlike many of my kind, I was born a vampire, I should be able to control my urges. Come on Eve, pull yourself together.


Cain was waiting for her when she went out of the ladies. He looked worried and apologizing.

–          Listen Eve… I know how it looks like, but that’s not what you think. I was not trying to get you back with Simon…

–          What are you talking about?


“You have been angry at me for some reason, right? That’s why you didn’t pick up the phone, right? And just when I thought you were ready to forgive me, it now seems as if I’m luring you back to your ex. I just want to make sure there’s no misunderstanding between us.” Eve suddenly felt very tired. She couldn’t find the strength to reassure him anymore. She tried to say something but failed lamentably.

–          Eve? You’re not feeling well?

–          NO I’M NOT!

He started and her shoulders dropped. “Listen, you’d better leave me alone. Seeing you was a bad idea from the start.”


She just wanted to curl up in a corner and cry. Plus, fighting her instincts seemed to have drained her of all her strength and she was afraid she would faint. She ran to the door. “Eve! Please!” Cain called after her.


She had to stop outside as she felt nauseous again. “Will it ever stop?


Cain had followed her: “Please Eve, let me call a taxi for you. You seem to be real sick.” – “Will you stop being nice and just get away from me?!” she yelled exasperatedly.


She ran further into the night, not realizing she was unconsciously using her powers to run faster. She knew the plantations of blood fruits were not far, if only she could eat some…


Cain ran after her. He just couldn’t leave her like that, a girl sick and alone in the marshes…


He had a hard time finding her and had almost given up when he saw her lying unconscious on the ground near a patch of weird-looking fruits.


He took her in his arms, calling her name but she didn’t stir.


Putting her carefully back on the ground, he dialed in the emergency number.


Eve had smelt him. She rose silently from the floor, her eyes on her prey. Dawn was coming and her instincts were screaming for blood. She couldn’t reason anymore.


She was on him in the blink of an eye.



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