182 – Heartache

Once she had started, she couldn’t stop herself anymore. It felt as if she had been yearning for this for years. And maybe she had. Her mind was completely blank, devoid of any emotion other than pure bliss.


When she eventually managed to get a grip on herself, it was too late. He was gone.


Panicked and pain-stricken, Eve took a instant decision: she would save his life the only way she knew existed.


She bit him again, and let her instinct guide her.


Cain gasped and tried to sit up, keeping his eyes closed all the while.

–          Wha… I can’t…

–          Don’t get up, stay still for now.


But he insisted on getting up. “Did I faint? I feel terrible, what happened to me? I… I don’t remember anything.” Eve noticed his eyes had changed. While they used to be a deep blue, they were now bright red. She couldn’t bring herself to say anything and cried silently. “I’m so sorry…”


But Cain was feeling worse and worse, and he was getting seriously worried. “Tell me the truth Eve! What the hell is going on?! Did anyone do something to me? Did… YOU do something to me?!”


Eve hiccupped between her tears.

–          I… was only trying to save you… I’m sorry, I made it only worse… I’m so sorry… it was the only way….

–          I don’t understand what you mean, but I feel awful and the only thing I know is that you have something to do with it.


“To think that I was worried about you… get lost!” he yelled before running away from her in disgust. He didn’t seem to realize he was running faster than usual.


Eve knew she shouldn’t leave him in this state. But she also knew they were both very confused and that she would be unable to cope with the situation if she didn’t calm down. Her father… Her father would know what to do.


Will found her in her room and before he could say anything, Eve let it out: “Dad… I’ve turned someone…”


Will was transfixed as she continued, crying again: “I’m really sorry… I had no other option, I wanted to save him so badly…”


–          Where is he?

–          He ran away…

–          You’ve got to find him. He must first eat some blood fruits.

Her father was keeping his cool and it reassured her.


–          Do you have a way to contact him?

–          I can call him on his cellphone…

–          Do that. Find out where he is and bring him some fruits. Calm him down, then take him to the place I told you about. I’ll be waiting for you there. Can you do that?

–          Yes.

–          It’s your responsibility, Eve.

–          I know.


After having gathered a few fruits, she tried to call Cain, praying he would answer.

3094 3095

He picked up almost immediately. He seemed breathless.

–          Cain? Where are you now? Let me help you please.

–          What… did… you do?…

“Just tell me where you are and I’ll explain” she promised in a soothing voice.


He had instinctively hid in a wood. The scent of people, their voices and the daylight were all driving him crazy. Thinking he was ill, ignorant of his condition, he only wanted some peace and shadow. He looked like some beast at bay when she got closer to him.


“Please… I don’t know what happened but I feel really terrible… if you know anything, tell me what I should do…”


He was actually begging her. But her father told her that someone who had just been turned was unpredicable. Their body was going through some unprecedented change, and it made them nervous, impatient and violent. He told her not to show her own nervousness as it would only scare him more and might trigger an attack. She therefore approached him slowly, carefully observing him. “Eve… what have I done to deserve this?…”


These words broke her heart, but she managed to keep her voice steady. “Eat this” she told him, taking a fruit out, “It will help you feel better.” She stared at him, wishing hard he will listen to her. To her surprise, he took the fruit from her without arguing. ”Can I trust you?” he simply asked her. Her voice trembled slightly when she said: “Yes, you can.”


He ate the fruit and looked relieved. He then ate all the fruits she handed him, one by one, but greedily. Once he was done, she turned and asked him to follow her. He obeyed without any questions.


She took him to an apartment in the basement of a building. Her father had bought it when Elmira accepted him in her territory but he never really used the place. It was convenient for vampires though, and Will had told his daughter she could live there when she felt ready. He had not arrived yet when Eve came in with Cain. As they were walking though, he was getting more and more insistent, although Eve repeatedly told him she would explain only when they were safe inside. As soon as the door was closed, he demanded his long-awaited explanations: “Ok, now we’re no longer outside. You owe me an explanation, Eve. Spill the beans now.” – “You are a vampire now Cain. Just like me. I turned you.” He looked thunderstruck. “This doesn’t… make se… “ he stopped short. It made perfectly sense and he had just realized it. “Is that how it is…?” he glared at her.


Eve nodded and gave him a summary of what happened. “I swear I had no intention of turning you. I only wanted to save you at that time.” – “Well done. I guess I should thank you, is that what you imply?” he flung icily at her. “I’m really sorry… “ she cast her eyes down.


“Why, Eve?! WHY did you do this to me??”


“Calm down, young man. Don’t give up hope just now. There might still be a chance for you to become human again.” Will had finally arrived. “There is someone you have to meet immediately.”


Will drove both Eve and Cain to Prof. Huey’s office. The latter was waiting for them but he looked particularly grim when he took a sample of Cain’s blood. “I’ll try…” he scowled, walking off with the vial. When he came back, he was shaking his head. “Do you mean…?” Eve started.


“You passed your DNA on to him. It is the same situation, I can’t do anything.”


Silence filled the room.


Cain didn’t say a word but clenched his teeth.


Back to the apartment, Cain sat down in the sofa. “I need to talk to Eve. Please go” he commanded Will.


Will was starting to answer angrily back, but Eve dissuaded him: “He’s right, dad. I need to talk to him too. Thanks for all your help, but I’ll handle it from here.” – “What if he gets violent?” whispered Will. “He won’t. He is fundamentally nice. He’s just bitter and you can’t blame him.”


Will threw a last look at his daughter and her incident, before leaving half-heartedly. Eve sat down next to Cain.


Cain got up and said without looking at her: “I resent you tremendously. You ruined my life. I’m going to make you pay for this.”


Eve got up and when he didn’t move, she threw her arms around him. “I don’t expect you to forgive me.  I’ll do everything I can to help you.” She started crying on his back.


He turned around. “That’s right, you used to like me, didn’t you? Did you turn me so you could spend eternity with me?” – “N… No!” Eve gasped.


He kissed her without warning before pushing her back.


“Bleh. It’s cold.” Eve was devastated: becoming a vampire seemed to have changed his personality somehow.



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