184 – Bang Bang

Tanya had finally gathered enough evidence that Reagan Richmond was the head of a criminal organization involving prostitution and counterfeit money. Her team had surrounded the building under cover, and she was inside, listening to his conversation with one of his partners. This time, he won’t be able to get away.


She readied herself and took a deep breath.


But something unexpected happened. A voice broke the silence: “Don’t move Reagan!”


Chloe Savigny was standing behind him, a gun in her hands. “Chloe?!” he stammered, turning around carefully. “You thought I was dead, didn’t you?” Chloe said disdainfully. Tanya chose not to move and informed her men standing outside. How Chloe got into the building she had no idea. She must have been there before. Which meant she planned it all.


“I thought I loved you, you know” Chloe continued with a bitter smile. “But my eyes are open now and I don’t intend to let you play with my life ever again.”


–          Chloe would you mind please putting that gun down and let me explain?

–          SHUT UP! JUST DIE!

She pulled the trigger.


Tanya didn’t have the time to react. Reagan collapsed and died on the spot.



Chloe then brought the barrel to her temple. And Tanya stood up slowly.

3127 3128

“Don’t do that” she said in a soft voice.


Chloe didn’t even seem startled to see someone. She looked at Tanya, then crumbled to the floor and cried.



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