185 – Father

That event was not without its consequences. The first one fell upon Chris Daumillier. He was called in to the police station immediately. Chloe had left instructions for him before the interrogation began. The instructions were very straightforward: “please take care of our son”.


A police officer came to him with a baby in her arms and told him Ms. Chloe Savigny had left him to his care, saying he was the father. He was too stunned to argue.


–          She also took the precaution to run DNA tests, if you want to make sure he is your boy. His name is Adrian. Can I leave him with you?

–          Su… sure.


Taking a closer look at the baby who didn’t seem to be bothered to end up in the arms of a stranger, Chris could certainly see some family features. He just couldn’t believe he had a son. “Oh Chloe… why didn’t you tell me?” he moaned, clutching the little boy.


Another difficulty would be to tell his roommate that they were to share the apartment with a little one for an indefinite period of time.


“Erm… Louis?”


–          Woah… What is this?

–          Well… it’s sort of… my son? It seems?


–          Your what?! Are you drunk? Where did you steal that kid?

–          I didn’t steal him. He’s mine. I think…


“Geez… Talk about trouble… I never thought you had it in you…”



2 thoughts on “185 – Father

    • I think he’s just too young. 😀 Plus, I imagine his mother has been traveling with him since he was born, so he’s not really afraid of strangers.

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