189 – Great Bear – Part II

After the incident, Orian changed. They began to take long walks in the surroundings, and Violette never got tired of the wonderful scenery around them. She wanted to see and do everything. “Let’s come back here at night and take a swim!”


“I never knew such places even existed!”


Orian insisted on carrying Seth when the road was too steep.

3189 3190

He was actually getting very gentle towards her, as if he had taken the decision to make her his priority of the moment.



He was still a bit awkward with Seth though.


–          You’re gonna choke.

–          Then I’ll die happy, it’s so good!




–          Aren’t you supposed to be a good shot?

–          Oh shut up!


“Now that’s more like it…”


–          Orian…? Seth is watching us.

–          So what?


Orian broke the spell one night. “It’s not gonna be forever you know. We’re gonna have to leave at some point.”


She knew it too well. She had told her parents she was gone with her son on a trip to find inspiration for her paintings. She asked them not to try to contact her. She had even cut off her cellphone. But it couldn’t last forever.


She was ready to go to bed, but Orian had disappeared. She found him seated on the porch of their house.


She let herself slide against the railing and sat silently behind him. They needn’t say anything: they were both thinking the same.


Autumn was drawing closer, days were shorter and there was a chill in the air. This didn’t deter them to go for their daily hike. But this time, it was a bit different: they had left Seth to a neighbor and decided to explore the mountain paths. “How come I never get bored of that landscape?” Violette said as they had reached a point of view.


–          You never painted it though.

–          I don’t think I could do it justice.

–          You’d better hurry and try, we’ll have to move soon.


Violette didn’t reply, but found some comfort in his arms.


They went on walking in silence for a time.


Then Orian stopped at a crosswalk and turned around.

–          I’m sorry.

–          What for?

–          I can’t give you the kind of life you want.

–          I knew that from the start.


“You know what?” Violette said suddenly, emptying her glass at the pub where they had stopped before going home. “I’m going to make a portrait of you.”


“Ha ha ha. Yeah, right.”


–          Don’t laugh! I’m dead serious!

–          So you think you can do me justice?

–          Who said I wanted to do you justice, smartypants?



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