194 – Routine

It had become routine: Cain went hunting and brought his prey back home. After he had had his way with her, he would bite her just enough for her to faint.


Then it would be up to Eve to clean up his mess: erase her memory, find her address in her purse and bring her back home, leaving her unconscious.


“I’m done with that one. You know what to do.”




There was no way she could disobey him. She made him that way. All she could do was prevent him to go crazy and hope he would calm down with time. She heaved the girl on her shoulders.


She felt the same guilt every night. But she had to live with it now and she was going to make sure there were no excesses.


She came back to find him in the same position as she had left him. Waiting. He smiled and got up from bed.


“Thanks Eve. I don’t know what I would do without you.”


Yes, it was the same routine. The same cold embrace.


He would laugh at her for finding alternatives to hunting humans. “What are you doing?” he asked her one day as she was drinking from a weird-looking can.


–          Drinking plasma.

–          That’s disgusting… And ridiculous. We’re not made for drinking canned blood.


–          Whatever. I’m not hunting.

–          Do as you please.


They went out on rainy days. There was less light and less people around. Eve was glad the days were getting shorter.


As they were passing by a small row house, Cain dropped his umbrella and looked as if he was about to get sick. Eve spun around.

–          What is it??

–          What is that smell?! It’s getting to my head!

–          “That smell”?


She couldn’t smell anything particular, but she could easily deduct what it meant. There was somebody around who emitted that dangerously dizzying perfume for Cain. She went around the street corner, looking for someone, then lifted her face up and saw her.




“Ange?” he echoed her own thoughts. “Is it coming from her?”


His eyes suddenly glazed and turned bright red. He lost his mind. He was ready to jump on her and it took all the power Eve had to subdue him and drag him away from the oblivious Ange.


Back home, he was himself again but devastated.

–          I would have killed her… The pull was too strong.

–          I know… If you can’t control yourself, there is no other way than avoiding her at all costs.

–          But why did it have to be her??


Eve had her own theory about that. Cain had been in love with Ange. Which made her his tastiest meal now that he was a vampire. She had been in the same position, so she knew exactly how it felt. But although she had learnt her lesson the hard way, Cain was more accustomed to drinking human blood and just couldn’t forget Ange’s intoxicating perfume. He found out he could control himself if he was far enough, and began to stalk Ange, breathing in her smell as soon as she got out of her house. He knew he was playing a dangerous game, but he made a bet with himself that he wouldn’t lay a hand on her. He just wanted to see her. To breathe her. Even if that involved running away in a hurry when he felt the thirst was taking over his mind.



Despite Eve’s supplications, he would always come back for more.


He was addicted.


But as fast as he was, he couldn’t go unnoticed forever.



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