195 – Presence

Ange felt a silent gaze on her that was seriously starting to freak her out.


“Ange? What are you doing? You seem lost in your thoughts.”


She got up from the sofa to greet him, but she couldn’t erase the worried look on her face. “Is something bothering you? Come on, tell me.”


–          I know it must sound crazy but… I… I feel like I’m being watched, Theo.

–          Watched? By whom?

–          I don’t know… I just feel a presence and when I look around, it’s gone… it’s very scary.


–          It must be your imagination, honey. Who would follow you like that?

–          You must be right…

–          Of course I am. Don’t worry too much, you won’t have that impression anymore now that you’ve talked it out with me.


And for good reason. Theo took the matter very seriously: he had enough enemies to know his fiancée had to be very careful. Whatever it was, he would settle the issue immediately.


Rainy days were more and more numerous, and Cain would continue to spy on Ange.


But this time, he encountered a problem named Theo and his magnum. “Who are you? Why are you following her?”


Without waiting for the reply, Theo seized him by the collar. “In fact, don’t bother. I don’t care who you are. I don’t want any weird-looking guy hanging around my fiancée, do you understand?”


Cain was just stunned. Why was that man carrying a weapon? Ange was engaged to someone like him?


Shaking off his surprise, he tried to hit Theo who avoided the blow.


But he didn’t take Cain’s speed into account. Cain kicked Theo backwards with all his considerable strength, sending him flying.


It took a few moments for Theo to recover, during which Cain ran away without further ado.


Drenched and panting, Theo staggered back inside clutching his stomach. “What was that…? It wasn’t human…


That was his last thought before he collapsed unconscious on the floor.


A few days later, Theo was driving in the swampy, uninhabited area where he usually conducted his business. But he hit the brakes hard when he saw the red-eyed man standing at a bend in the road.


He got off his car but the man didn’t stir. He looked like he was waiting for him. His eyes burned like embers. “You may not care who I am but I think we both have Ange’s interests at heart. I won’t follow her anymore.”


Theo didn’t reply and the man went on: “I came here to warn you, for Ange’s sake, as it seems you’ll be taking care of her from now on. You’d better protect her: I was not the only one following her.”


The man turned heels and left Theo standing in the rain, thinking hard.



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