202 – Abducted

As soon as Theo set foot in the house, he knew something was amiss. “Ange?”


Obviously she wasn’t home. Everything was dark and silent. He had a look round the house nevertheless.



But Ange was nowhere to be found. Whoeverwas behind this was going to pay a heavy price.


“You wanna know where she is?”


Theo immediately drew his gun. “Who are you?” He wouldn’t admit it but he was surprised he didn’t notice the man’s presence. “My, you’re a quick one. You’d better put that away though.”


“I’m just a messenger. I’m here to take you to the place your fiancée is at right now.”


Theo followed his directions as the man was leading him farther away from the city, throwing sideway glances at him all the while. Rather than a man, he was no more than a boy, even younger than Ange. He must have been barely 20 and he was obviously used to that kind of business.


Theo was led through an empty squalid bar in the middle of the woods, then back outside again.


–          I’m sorry but from here on, weapons are forbidden. So give me your gun.

–          Are you kidding me?


“I wasn’t expecting you to hand it over quietly anyway!”


Damn… That kid is good.


–          You’d better do as I say. Don’t forget your position: we have your fiancée in our hands.

–          Who’s that, “we”?

–          You’ll know soon enough.


Theo gave in and was ushered into a little shack. Ange was there. And Cedric too. “Long time no see. Since your mother’s funeral I believe? ”


“Sen, please take her a bit further away and undo her ties. Our guest has arrived after all.”


Theo clenched his fists as Sen helped Ange up and they went past him, Ange trembling from head to foot.


He couldn’t even bear to look at her.


“I had a little chat with the young lady. So you didn’t tell her about your activities and yet you pretend to be engaged? You really are a contradictory person.”


“This is none of your business, Corcoran.”


“And I’m going to repay you a hundredfold for what you did.” Theo coldly grabbed Cedric’s throat and tightened his grip.


“Now now, be sensible”, Sen tutted behind his back, “You forget again who is in charge. Drop the old man, will you?”


Theo slowly released his grip, then let a coughing Cedric go. “That’s better. Just so you know, I’m gonna stay here, as a reminder to respect your elders, ok?” Sen said playfully.


“What do you want?” Theo asked drily.


–          I want to see you grovel in the dirt. That would do you good. Only then maybe you would admit you were wrong.

–          Wrong about what?


At that precise moment, the light went off.


And Cain rushed into the room at the speed of light.


He pushed Sen so hard that he threw him to the floor.


As Cain was beating Sen to a pulp, Cedric seemed lost by this sudden intrusion in his plans. Theo knew how to take advantage of the confusion.


“Ange! Run away now!” he yelled.


He then landed a hit on Cedric, knocking him unconscious, as Ange fled outside.


Both their opponents were knocked out, and Cain shot a warning glance at Theo. “Don’t run after her now. I’m going to follow her and make sure she gets to a safe place.”


Cain rushed after Ange. Theo stayed in the dark.



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2 thoughts on “202 – Abducted

  1. Zhippidy Doodah 16/08/2014 at 13:49 Reply


    • Noctie 17/08/2014 at 18:12 Reply

      One of my favorite chapters, but I’m a sucker for anything that relates to Theo and Ange. 🙂

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