205 – Big Issue

“Mom, I have a big issue…”


“What is it, dear?”


–          I’m pregnant!

–          … What?


“Don’t be scared, Ange darling. It’s alright… We’re here to help you. Let us talk about it with your father.”


Adonis was adamant: “You have to get an abortion” he said, punching the table. “How can you say that??” a shocked Helena cried out.


“Do you really want to bear that man’s child?! What do you think he’ll do when he hears about it? He’ll make it his heir! Is that what you want?”


“There is no other way, Ange! Unless you want to be tied up with him again!”


“Adonis, as a mother, I understand what Ange is going through. She cannot give up on that child. It’s already a part of her. You can’t demand this of a woman.”


Ange ran away crying, confused and terribly sad.



2 thoughts on “205 – Big Issue

    • He is quite scared of what Theo might do. He was so relieved the relationship between him and his daughter was over, and now this…

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