207 – Interlude

It was a dark, gloomy autumn day but Yasmine had insisted to go to the festival.

–          Too bad it’s so very cold…

–          Winter’s drawing close. What did you expect?


Since the festival was quite deserted, Jacob suggested that they go hiking in the woods instead.


Yasmine looked troubled and stopped short at some point.

–          Jacob… I’m sorry for asking, but…  are we ever going to get married?

–          Nice timing, Yasmine.


–          I’ve been thinking about that too, you see.

–          Huh, why are you kneeling…? Is your shoelace undone?


“I’ve got a little something for you.” Yasmine’s mouth was open but there was no sound coming out of it.


“You can just say ‘yeth’, my little dummy.”



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