209 – Switching Sides

It was now time for Vanessa’s birthday and she celebrated it with her family.


Vanessa Cooper, a blooming young woman who has no idea what to do with her life.

3485 3486

And she certainly didn’t know that her words had lingered in Basil’s mind for days.  He had been thinking about her even more. Even when he was with Holly. “Do you know today is Vanessa’s birthday?” – “Why are you bringing that up?”


He straightened up.

–          Because she is still our friend as far as we’re concerned, isn’t she? We should at least call her.

–          She’s not my friend anymore. Besides, she told us she didn’t want to see us.

–          She was upset.


This enraged Holly: “Why are you trying to find excuses for her? She’s just a pest and I don’t want you to get involved with her!” – “Is that how you treat your former best friend?”


–          She was the one who came up with that stupid ‘best friend’ thing!

–          Anyway… I will decide for myself if I go to see her on her birthday or not, thank you very much.

–          If you do that, I’m dumping you right this moment.


–          Be my guest.

–          Fine! You asked for it.


“In front of the house? Really??”


“Yeah, could you come down for a sec?”


–          Happy birthday. You look great.

–          Thank you…


“Man, it’s cold… I don’t even have a coat on, so I’ll be quick. I sort of had a fight with Holly and we’re through. She’s not the person I thought she was.”


–          What do you mean?

–          I think I’m a poor judge of human character. The one I’ve wanted all along was right there in front of my eyes.



Weird how Basil suddenly didn’t mind the cold.



2 thoughts on “209 – Switching Sides

    • Basil gets led around by the nose by Holly, and he was too indecisive from the start. But you know, sometimes you do irrational things, especially when you’re inexperienced, just because someone tells you that’s the way to do it.

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