208 – Warning

“You?! Why are you here?”


–          I thank you for helping Ange escape at that time.

–          It seems like you didn’t do your job properly.

–          Maybe I didn’t but that’s not for you to judge. Now it’s my turn to come to you with a warning.


–          Don’t make me laugh! What can you possibly warn me against?

–          Against me. Like it or not, I will continue to ensure Ange’s safety. I’m thankful for what you did, but if you ever try to get too close to her, I’ll make sure you are removed from her sight permanently.


“I hope the message is clear. I’m available if you need any further clarification.” Cain only gulped.


–          Are you ok?

–          Yes. You don’t need to step in.


–          And put your gun away, idiot. We’re in the middle of the street.

–          Oh, sorry.



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