211 – First Snow

Sacha was doing the laundry when the bell rang. He was alone that evening, his parents had gone out and they had probably forgotten it was his birthday. His first thought was that they had maybe remembered.


But it was Evelyne.

–          What… what are you doing here?

–          What a very stupid question, I’m here for your birthday of course!


–          What? No presents, no balloons and no cake? What kind of party is that?

–          There’s no party. It’s just me here.


–          That sucks. Let’s get out of here. It’s cold but we can just go to the lake nearby.

–          Y… Yes!


Evelyne made so much noise with her whistle when Sacha turned into a young adult that he was afraid she would wake up the neighbors.


–          Congrats Sacha! You are now officially an adult!

–          I… I don’t feel very different.


–          Oh look, Evelyne! It’s snowing!

–          Told you it was better outside. That’s your first birthday present!



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