214 – Flowers

–          Boss, we’ve got a problem!

–          Can it wait?

–          I don’t think so. It’s about Ange.


“She’s been attacked and was taken to the hospital.” Sen went on. Theo immediately stood up, his face as white as a sheet. “What?”


“And there’s more. She’s pregnant.”




–          … and so the doctor says it can happen when you are pregnant.

–          I’m glad you were with a friend, he must have called for the ambulance.

–          Yeah, I don’t know why he didn’t stay though… Thanks for the flowers, mum and dad.


Adonis’ face was the very picture of relief and he was too high to refute. But Helena answered: “They are not from us, dear. They come from Theo.”





A few days had passed. Cain was going home and he had just reached the foot of his building…


… when he sensed suddenly a threat on his left. Turning around, he saw Sen aiming at him.


He ran for the door and a bullet very nearly missed his head by a few millimeters. A second bullet flew over his head as he entered the building.


“Damn… The bugger’s fast.”


“Are they… are they trying to kill me??!” Cain panted, locking all doors behind him.


“I’m sorry, boss. I missed him. He is goddamn fast.”


–          Never mind, it was only a warning shot. I know his abilities. I will take care of him personally.

–          Are you saying you didn’t expect me to even hit him?


Theo, Golzine, Jeong Sen, Myung, Cain, Simson, Ange, Adonis, Helena


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