215 – Trapped

–          Hi Eve!

–          Dad! How are you feeling?


“Ty just did a little check-up and everything seems fine. For now” Tanya said smiling but in a worried tone. “Don’t listen to her, dear. She’s a pessimistic.” Will replied as Eve gave him a peck on the cheek.


–          What about you? I hope you’re not making trouble for my daughter.

–          Am not…


A voice rang out suddenly behind them. “Sorry for interrupting this family gathering…”


“… but we have business with Mr. Vampire over there” Sen went on quietly, adjusting his weapon. The ladies gaped at it and Cain turned pale.


Theo entered the room and pointed his gun at Cain as Sen did the same. “Come with me. You don’t want to scare your family, do you?”


Will stepped in: “Wait a minute, young man. What did he do to deserve such treatment?” – “Of course, you didn’t tell anyone, you scum. That bastard attacked a pregnant woman!”


“Pr… pregnant?”


“Even if you didn’t know… you are now going to pay for what you did until now. Come!”


Will stoop up from his wheelchair as if he had just been sitting in an armchair.

–          No, he’s not going to come with you. Or you’ll have to kill me first.

–          Dad!

–          Move away, old man!


“From the looks of you and since you already know so much, you must be from the mafia. So let me give you a piece of advice: a vampire is an incredible ally” Will said firmly, looking straight at Theo. The latter lowered his gun. “Go on.”


“You may already know that, but they have specific powers which make them stronger and more dangerous than any human being. I understand that Cain has been out of control recently. So instead of getting rid of him, my suggestion would be to channel his power and make him useful.”


Theo chuckled to himself. “You’re smart. I like your proposal.”


“But then I want the girl too. She can be his guarantee.” – “What? No way!”


“That’s ok” Eve interrupted. “It’s my fault Cain ended up like this anyway. I will share the burden with him.” That was not how Will wanted things to turn out. “Eve, you don’t have to do that…”- “She says she’s fine with it” snapped Theo. “What about you, ginger head? Will you come when I whistle?”


“I don’t really have a choice, do I…?”


“If you want to stay alive, then no you don’t. I’m glad we came to a compromise though. Sen, let’s go.”


They were gone as quickly as they came.


Leaving Eve and Cain in doubt of what awaited them.


But they didn’t get the chance to think about it. Will fell to the floor, coughing and panting.



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