223 – Miracle

Ange was holding a small miracle, born on the coldest day of the year.


I have to tell Theo…I have to call him.” She just couldn’t shake the thought off.


She was strangely happy to have an excuse for calling him. He answered her call straight away, going to the point as was his way: “I know. Can I come to see him?” – “Of course he already knows… I’m so naïve.” She smiled as she accepted and heard the relieved tone in his voice. “I’m on my way.”


He should have been lurking around the hospital as he was in her room almost immediately. He looked a bit embarrassed to be there so early. “I… I was downstairs in fact.”


–          Do you want to hold him?

–          Erm… sure.


–          How did you name him?

–          Nathaniel.


He looks so awkward with a baby! That’s so funny!


“Erm… is it ok if I hold him like this?” Theo asked, with a nervous smile. Ange simply burst out laughing.


“I’m sorry, it’s just… you are… let me put the poor darling back in his crib, ok?” she laughed as she took Nathaniel from his hands.


–          And you, how are you feeling?

–          I’m a bit tired but other than that, I’m fine.


He unexpectedly moved towards her, pulling her closer to him.


“Thank you” he whispered in her ear.


A pause followed after which they slowly broke apart. He went to kiss her but ended up kissing her on the cheek, although very close to her lips, before leaving the room.



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