231 – Another Level

Jacob was still playing in the street for tips, as he enjoyed the variety of the audience he received that way. Even during winter, he went regularly to his favorite spot to share his music.


He even spotted Faith once among the crowd. True to his word, he didn’t try to speak to her. He only smiled at her and she gave him a thumb up and a wink.


However, Thomas wanted Jacob to be able to perform on a bigger stage. He thought his free sessions wouldn’t get him anywhere.

–          Why can’t you get an audition in one of those concert halls?

–          I tried but I got rejected.

–          I’ll come with you.


Thomas’ negotiation skills were much more advanced than Jacob’s.


–          Alright then. I’ll give him a chance. He’s still inexperienced though, so he’d better put up a good show.

–          Thank you very much for this opportunity. You won’t regret it.


–          I can’t believe it! “Inexperienced” she says… How can I ever get experience if no one’s willing to let me perform?! She had refused to even see me when I came here by myself!

–          Hey, that’s how it goes. All it takes is a little push. Anyway, the floor is yours now so don’t let it bother you.


Back at home, Jacob invited his parents and his sister to celebrate his upcoming concert. Ange was a bit zoned out: she had decided that she would get back with Theo. Adonis was not too happy about it and they had a fight.


But Yasmine had also an announcement of some sort. “You’re pregnant??” – “Yeth…”


–          Oh my God, you’re pregnant!

–          Yeth…


Helena was thrilled by the perspective of having a second grand-child.

–          I hope it’s a girl! We already have a grand-son, so a grand-daughter would be ideal.

–          Oh it’s a girl. That’s what the doctor said.

–          That’s… wonderful!


Jacob on the other hand had heard from his father that Ange was back with Theo.

–          Hasn’t she had enough? That man has only brought her trouble and now she’s back with him?! What kind of attitude is that?

–          I tried to make her listen to reason, but she says she cannot live without him…

–          Bullshit! He got her wrapped around his little finger, that is.


A few weeks later, Jacob gave his first concert who received a quite limited popular acclaim.



Yasmine’s waters broke as he was waving goodbye to the public. The proprietor was yelling at him to “move his ass” but it took him several seconds to fully realize what was happening.


And so little Emily was born.



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