236 – Best Friend

Amelia Leneuf, only slightly older than her brother, was now officially a member of the new teen generation.


–          Dad, can I go to the karaoke bar with Johan? Please please please?

–          Don’t you have something to do first, young lady?


“Oh right… piano lesson.”


Then and only then Amelia was free to go and meet with Johan at the karaoke bar on that rainy Sunday afternoon.


Johan was her favorite person in the world. She loved to tease him and he was a good listener. To be honest, he was her only audience. Amelia was not someone who liked to confide in just anyone. Having grown up with her brother and his best friend, she felt no urge to have female friends. She tended to think that girls her own age were all noisy and annoying.


And she was a bad loser.


–          Don’t take it too seriously, it’s just a game you know?
Are you kidding? This is life, Johan. It is very serious indeed.


“Yesterday was your birthday, wasn’t it?”


“A teddy bear? Do you mean to say I’m still a little girl?”


“Oh… no! I just… thought you might like something cute and cuddly and… sorry, if you don’t like it, I can find something else.”


“Don’t bother. I love it. Thank you…”



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