238 – The Girl from the Swamps

Alex Cooper had met that girl from his class at the diner. She was called Stella Deville and she had caught his attention somehow. She had a quick meal while reading a book, never looking up once. She always seemed very focused, lost in a world of her own. She intrigued him, so he caught up with her as she was leaving the diner and tried to strike up a conversation.


She stayed very vague in her replies, blowing him off as he was annoying her.


She took leave of him with a brisk pace, then almost broke into a run.


“She’s heading towards the swamps. What could she possibly do there?” This intrigued him even more.


So he decided to follow her…


She slowed down as she entered the swamps. He followed her at a distance, making sure he wasn’t doing any noise. Everything else was silent around them.


And then he saw her enter a rundown shack.


“What, she lives in there?!”


He hung around the shack a bit longer, staying hidden. He saw her taking the trash out, with a baby in her arms. His heart stopped for a moment: “Is that baby hers?… No, that’s not possible…”


Being a rich kid, Alex could probably not understand Stella’s difficult circumstances. Even when she was doing her best to cope, her father would abuse her verbally as if she was personally responsible for their situation.


She stoop up against him, aware that nobody but herself would defend her, but his words were cutting.



Sometimes she was afraid he would hit her.


If not for her two little brothers, she would run away.



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