241 – Safe Haven

Now that Theo and Ange were back together, they were thinking about marriage again. Theo had no family left to share the good news with, and Ange was sure her father would never approve. Besides, Theo thought it safer not to have the wedding advertised.


So they decided to get married on the beach, with Sen and Nathaniel as their only witnesses.


After all they had been through, it didn’t matter to them anymore. They only shared the same certainty: they needed one another. They balanced each other off.


Ange knew it would be hard on her. But she knew another Theo. And she was the only person in the world with whom he was able to show his softer side.

4003 4004

She was his safe haven.


“Hate to interrupt, but we shouldn’t stay here too long… Too open if you know what I mean…”



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