242 – Leader of Men

“Yu, you are about to start a new path into adulthood. Do you intend to take over the Wong legacy? What do you want to do with your life?”


“I want to be just like dad. I will be the next mayor, mum.”


With that promise to herself solidly planted in her brain, Yu aged up.


–          Your father would be proud if he could see you now. You are a beautiful and intelligent young woman, my daughter.

–          Thank you mum. I’ll do my best to honor his memory.


–          Ren, you didn’t congratulate me? You don’t think I’m beautiful?

–          You certainly are.

–          And you’re standing there, just raking up leaves?

–          Raking up is useful. I want to make myself useful, not unnecessarily obsequious.


“Yeah, whatever.”


“I haven’t completely given up on you yet, you see.”



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