245 – Fan Attitude

Abby was now a fan of Jacob.


She followed him home and asked to take a picture of him. She didn’t exactly wait for his answer.


The pic was really bad, but Abby loved it.


While Jacob went home to find an exhausted Yasmine asleep in the sofa, too tired to wait for him.


But Abby’s number one idol remained Gabriel. She seemed to be part of the gang now. “Gabriel! Look! I’m skating backwards!” Gabriel couldn’t help but laugh. She was so much like a child, calling out for attention.


–          We’ll skate hand in hand. Come on!

–          Why do you always tell me what I have to do?

Then again, a child.


That didn’t seem to work somehow. Amelia chose to ignore them. She couldn’t stand Abby’s quirkiness.


Abby was also very cuddly.

–          I love you!

–          ABBY!



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