250 – Slowly But Surely

Still, Laura felt empty again soon. The day of the wedding came too fast for her taste, and she didn’t feel like helping with the preparations. Or maybe she was just too lazy.


“Geez… another wedding, and here I am, a middle-aged, overgrown teenager without even a real boyfriend to accompany her…”


Simon was on Cloud 9 and didn’t notice how affected she was. He came to her with his usual good humor, convinced that everyone was going to have fun today.


Laura didn’t like that at all.


But he forgot about Laura’s outburst as soon as he set eyes on his future wife.


Of course, Sophie’s best friend Nadia was invited.


With her new boyfriend, to whom she had given a chance thanks to Sophie.


The ceremony took place just after sunset.



Laura: “What a bitch! You think you’re young and beautiful? Just wait, time will make you pay.”

Nadia: “Who’s that old hag dressing up as if she was still 20?”


Simon had also invited his half-brother Thomas and his family. Thomas and Adeline had come separately but it was the first time that they had to face each other since their argument. Adeline was feeling a bit nervous and Gabriel tried to talk her into discussing things with his father.


“Come on, mom. You miss him, right? I’m sure he feels the same. If nobody makes the first move, nothing will change.”


“There he is. He must have been looking for you.”

4104 4105

“Forget it, Gabriel.”


“Talk. To. Her. Now.”


And against all odds…

4108 4109

They made up, watched closely by Gabriel and Amelia from a distance.


–          Gabe, you’re brilliant.

–          I’m actually quite proud of myself.


Johan soon joined them. Gabriel got up: “You can have my seat, I’m going to get a drink.”


“Looks like your parents are back together. I’m happy for you guys.”


“Who would’ve thought my little brother was so persuasive huh? I’m so relieved, I was afraid they would get divorced.”


Gabriel had left on purpose. He had a feeling his best friend was more interested in his sister than he would admit. He was all the more convinced of that impression when he came back to find them dancing together.



Amelia saw him and let go of Johan’s hand. “You didn’t take anything for me, I assume? Never mind, I prefer choosing myself anyway.” She talked in a playful way and didn’t seem embarrassed. She went past him smiling, leaving Gabriel to wonder if she had noticed the romantic situation at all.


“Is there something going on between you and my sister?”


“Oh no, no! She’s just a friend, really! I like her, of course, but nothing like love!”


–          I mean, Jo… I don’t mind at all if you go out with her. I’d rather have you as a brother-in-law than just anyone, you see?

–          Well, thanks for the trust but I assure you there is nothing between us…  We’re just good friends.




So Thomas was back at home…


… and set up to make up for time lost.


But the family would not get some much rest that night. “Thomas! The doorbell…! And it’s almost dawn!”


4125 4126

Surprise visit from Tara and Abby…


–          Viggo is a jerk.

–          Hi, Mr. Leneuf! Mind if I go and see Gabriel?

–          Wait, what…?


–          I’ll be upstairs, mum!

–          Abby, wait…!


“Ooookay… What do you mean ‘Viggo is a jerk’?”


“I’m sick and tired of him and his selfishness. He’s the biggest moron in the world…”


“I should never have married him, I wanna get a divorce!”


–          Pssst, Gabriel…

–          Abby?! What, how…? What are you doing here??


“My parents had that huge fight… My mom ended up yelling that she wanted to get divorced… So she burst into my room, saying we had to get out of the house and that we were not coming back…”


“Really?! But that’s terrible!”


–          That IS terrible, isn’t it?!

–          Shh, calm down…


–          I don’t know what we’re going to do now…

–          That’s for your mother to think about. You should get some sleep.

4137 4138

“Can you share your bed with me?”


–          It’s all a game for you, isn’t it?

–          He he.


“Abby? I thought I heard your high-pitched voice… What are you guys doing?”


–          Amelia, my dear sister-in-law!

–          I’m not your sister-in-law.

–          Almost. I think my mother and I will have to spend the night (or what’s left of it) here tonight.




Meanwhile, downstairs…

–          Tara? What’s going on?

–          She had a fight with Viggo. They want to divorce, it seems. She left with Abby.


“Listen, they don’t know where to go and it will take some time before Tara can find a new place. I guess they could stay here for a while?”


–          Here you are, acting all gentlemanly again! Of course, you have to go and jump to the rescue of every damsel in distress, even if it means disrupting your family life!

–          Adeline, that’s not nice. Tara is in a fix, we have to help her.


“You and your women!!”


Adeline stormed out of the room. Tara, who had remained silent until now, called after her: “Adeline, don’t blame it on Thomas, I can explain!”


“Don’t bother. It’s just another pointless jealousy fit.”


–          I’m sorry, did I come in the middle of some other argument?

–          Never mind, I said.



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3 thoughts on “250 – Slowly But Surely

  1. Zhippidy Doodah 17/08/2014 at 22:55 Reply

    here we go again… hahahah… sheesh

  2. Zhippidy Doodah 17/08/2014 at 22:56 Reply

    It is really a wonder that Thomas isn’t insane by now with Adeline’s insecurities and Tara’s issues… Poor Gabriel too! *LOL*

    • Noctie 18/08/2014 at 09:07 Reply

      Thomas sort of likes playing the gentleman. 🙂 Gabriel is the same, Abby aggravates him but he never tells her to get lost.

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