256 – Foreboding Feeling

–          Thomas? Can I talk to you for a sec?

–          Sure.


–          It’s about Benedict again, I presume?

–          Well…




“I don’t trust the guy at all. I’m sure it’s Beau in disguise.”


“He must have some wicked scheme up his sleeve to get back at you for what you did to him… It’s not safe to stay around him, Thomas.”


“Babeth, I really appreciate your concern and I share your suspicion, but I’ve already told you: there’s not much I can do for the moment. I have some kind of plan though… Just give me some time, ok?”


Benedict always seemed to know when to make his appearance, exactly at the moment you mentioned him. “Here you are, Mr. Shareholder.” Babeth looked at Thomas with a pleading expression in her eyes.


She instinctively stepped away from him as he shook hands with Thomas.


“Would you mind coming to my office? I have some documents for you.”


–          What kind of documents?

–          The unimportant kind. Mere formalities.


“Aaah… You and I may be busy, but paperwork remains the same. You know how it goes.”


–          Paperwork?

–          Yes, you remember the documents I sent you for review earlier?

–          I…

–          I assume that since you’re here, you agree with the content?

Documents? Maybe… Yes, that rang a bell.


“I think I have read them, yes…” Thomas suddenly found it difficult to think. Especially to remember whether he had seen those documents.


“Good. Then we won’t lose any time. All I need is a little signature on the papers in front of you.”


The words danced in front of Thomas’ eyes. Had he really read them? He heard Benedict click his tongue. He grabbed the pen and slowly signed the documents. He must have approved them somehow. Yes… that must be safe.


“Thank you, Thomas. That’s one thing off our list.”


Thomas wasn’t too sure what just happened. But he had a bad feeling about all that.



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