261 – Pain

Cain tumbled noisily in the staircase, hitting the metal in his fall.


The impact was so hard that it robbed him from his breath. He couldn’t move and heard Beau stepping down the stairs slowly, his heels echoing in the empty basement. “I told you you were no match against me. Did you think you could escape me?”


He grabbed Cain’s limp body and hit him again.


He was close. If he could just go through that door… Cain used the momentum with which he was propelled to open a door leading to another room. He crashed to the ground and could barely crawl to make sure Beau would follow him. “Don’t be in such a hurry to die. You first have to tell me who your boss is.”


–          The answer to that question is right here.

–          What?


“Humans?! Kid, you gotta be joking. You’re working for humans?!”


“And there’s another one of us. You accept them to give you orders as well?”


“I… But weren’t you human before too? What difference does it make?”


“Oh, that makes quite a difference. They are our cattle. We feed off them, remember?” Cain, who was rapidly gathering strength, interrupted him: “We don’t have to. There are other ways.”


“Enough talking. This town is mine. If you don’t want to know how a silver bullet would feel when it hits your heart, leave this place at once. I won’t give you a second chance to save your sorry hide. My men surround the building but they will let you pass if you take the right decision.”


“And I won’t give you any chance to shoot at all” Beau growled, leaping towards Theo at a supernatural speed.


He didn’t even reach Theo. He suddenly screamed and collapsed to the ground. Eve had moved forward and was watching him intently, her red eyes glowing.


–          Useful. I didn’t know you could do that.

–          I… I’m not too sure myself how to use it.


–          Anyway. Keep him under control for now.

–          I’ll try.


Beau was squirming on the floor, gasping for breath. He tried to regain a standing position and said through gritted teeth: “…what kind of ungodly… her power… is greater than mine…” In the meantime, Cain had managed to stand up again, but had to hold the wall for support.


He limped to where Beau was holding on against Eve’s mental assault. Now that he was in a superior positions, he couldn’t resist taunting him. “She’s good huh? She was born a vampire, maybe that has something to do with it.” – “Cain, don’t provoke him…” Eve worried, losing concentration momentarily.


That split second was enough for Beau to recover and he seemed to hit Eve with something that briefly flashed in the neon light.


He threw himself at her and Cain now clearly saw the knife he was holding.


“What do you think you’re doing to her?!”



Theo and Sen had distanced themselves from the fight and were trying to assess how to intervene.


–          They’re too fast. If I shoot, I’ll end up hitting the wrong one.

–          I know. Don’t lose your aim, there may be an opening.


Cain was back on the floor and Beau took that opportunity to mentally attack Eve, who was quickly losing blood from her wound. “Let’s get rid of that dangerous nuisance.”


Whatever he did, it took a few seconds. Even Cain was taken aback. “In your weakened state, no matter how powerful you are, my dear. You can’t survive that trick.” Beau said in a cruel, cold voice.


Eve collapsed, curled up in a pool of her own blood.


–          What… did you just do…?

–          I killed her obviously. Brilliant mental trick, huh? Now’s your turn, don’t worry.


“You… did what…?”




–          I can get that bastard now… Shit, if only I had…

–          Don’t! Let the guy have his revenge!


And revenge Cain took. He strangled Beau out of anger and pain.


He was barely aware of his surroundings and jerked as Theo came up behind him. “Stop it. He’s dead already.”


Cain stood up trembling still, and wiped blood and tears from his face. “But… he…” he sobbed and couldn’t go any further.


He staggered to where Eve was lying and fell to his knees. “Eve… this is a joke, right? You can’t be dead… You promised to spend eternity with me.”


As Cain was trying in vain to shake Eve back into consciousness, Theo turned his back on them. He was angry at himself. He and Sen had stared in astonishment as Beau was strangling the girl. They didn’t do anything to stop him.


And she was the one who asked him before they left the warehouse where they had gathered:

–          Please… can I ask for a favor?

–          What is it?


“Please don’t let Cain get hurt… I’m the one who turned him. He has already suffered enough because of me. Please… Don’t push him too far…”


He had promised and yet… He shouldn’t have taken her with them.

–          Is he dead?

–          Looks dead to me.

–          Shoot him nevertheless, just to make sure.


Cain was crying uncontrollably over Eve’s unresponding body. Theo squatted next to them. “Stop crying. Get a grip. I may have a solution for you.”


–          What can you possibly do?! She’s dead!…

–          Shut up, take her and follow me.



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