264 – Media

The news reached Jacob and his family as well.


But there was worse for them. The media had also mentioned Thomas’ company as being the one which produced Jacob. His address had leaked and journalists were gathering in front of his place.


“Jacob, I’m scared… What does it mean? What are they going to do?”


“Nobody did anything wrong. Stay inside and close the curtains. I’ll handle them.”


A wave of excitement crossed the journalists and by-standers as Jacob opened the door.


“Could you please go away? I won’t make any declaration and you’re disturbing my family…” he started.


But then he noticed Ruby. “I know you…” Ruby elbowed her way to him. “Yes, I think we have friends in common.”


“I’m the one who found the file from which this whole mess originated. It was not my intent to create a scandal, I believe in Mr. Leneuf’s innocence. I only want to know the truth. Therefore, would you mind providing me with your opinion on the matter? It can help Mr. Leneuf’s case.”


Another journalist jumped on the opportunity: “So you didn’t know anything about his actions?” – “I believe he’s innocent, that’s all. There’s no way he could be involved in such things. He’s not that type of man.”


“If I’m summoned to the court, that’s exactly what I’ll say.”


–          So you think it is a trap? Would it be against you or against Mr. Leneuf?

–          I have no idea, I don’t know who would want to…


“Oh, and will you please stop taking pictures?! It’s annoying!”


“Thank you for your testimony. I’ll make sure this gets into the right hands.”



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