267 – Sweet Nothing

José Luis’s first performance on a stage was really lousy. Really lousy. But he had his reasons: he had just lost one of his fathers, Daniel.


He had always been awkward, but that time he just wasn’t into it. He had wanted to try anyway, and here was the unfortunate result.


Some people had already walked off when he wrapped up the show. He could tell that the owner of the stage was not satisfied.


But he couldn’t feel the fire of magic that night…


That’s what he told himself. But then he turned around and saw that Holly had been watching his poor performance.


–          What kind of show was that? It was painful to watch from beginning to end. Is that what you tried to seduce me with?

–          I… I’m sorry. Truth is, my father died yesterday.


“Oh… well… I suppose that accounts for your lack of enthusiasm.”


“But I’m glad you came, Holly. That really makes me happy.”


“Don’t get your hopes too high. I came because you were so presumptuous, pretending you could be a famous magician. Seems like I turned up at the wrong moment. I… I gotta go now. My boyfriend’s waiting.”


José Luis watched her as she headed towards a handsome man, smoking next to his sports car.


–          I didn’t know you were into that kind of cheap show.

–          No… I, I just happen to know the magician and…

–          He was lousy.


He took her to a fancy restaurant, then they had a drink on the terrace. But she couldn’t focus on what Sebastian was saying. For some reason, she was thinking about José Luis. “Holly?… Holly!”


–          I’ve been trying to tell you something important but you are apparently not in the mood. Maybe I should hold on that decision.

–          What…? No!


She knew Sebastian had something planned for them. She had made her intentions clear, and she was just waiting for him to propose. She ran after him in the garden. “Sebastian, wait!”


–          Are you ready to listen now? You know what is at stake, don’t you?

–          Yes…


“I take that for a global yes.”



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