272 – From Time Immemorial

Yu Wong and her bodyguard Ren had left Thomas in China to finish their business. They had to come to France as well to meet a certain someone.


–          Mistress Yu, I don’t like it at all. This place is dangerous, I can feel it.

–          Rubbish! What could happen? Besides, we’re here with a very good proposal. If he’s got some sense, he cannot refuse.

–          It all seems like madness to me. Just like this place.


The door was ajar and they followed the light coming from one of the rooms in the darkness of dusk. Somebody was seated in a sofa and seemed to be waiting for them.


–          So you are Miss Wong?

–          I am. And you must be Tristan de Lalaing?


The man stood up from the sofa. “That’s right. Please sit down, I’m very curious to hear about your project.” His eyes emitted a strange light that was enhanced by the darkness outside.



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