276 – Never Trust

Nathaniel had grown up into a child and Ange made a big point of celebrating his birthday as a family. She had specifically asked Theo to stay at home.


Which annoyed Theo. Not that he didn’t care, but he had heard some bad rumors and couldn’t get to the bottom of it himself because of his son’s birthday.


As Ange told Nathaniel she would cut the cake right away, Theo received a call which confirmed his suspicions.


He hung up gloomily. He had to deal with this himself.


–          Dad, do you want some cake?

–          Apologies, son. An urgency has shown up and I cannot stay.

He was already lost in his thoughts. He left the house, leaving Ange sad and angry.


He drove to the marshes where he parked his car in front of a small, miserable cabin.


He barged into the cabin but there was no one inside, only a strong stench of humidity.


“Damn!” he swore aloud. Of course, that person had already hidden somewhere else.


He had been invited by Yu Wong herself to discuss a project the next morning.  He was not surprised to see Cain and Eve in her office, although they seemed startled to see him. Sen was there as well.


–          Miss Wong! What is he doing here?! Do you have any idea who he is??

–          Calm down, I know perfectly who he is. He has to be part of the scheme.

Theo chuckled: “A scheme, huh? And with those two? How ironic.”


“I know exactly who I have to thank for this situation.”


–          Mr. Golzine, if you don’t put away your weapon immediately, I will have to call the security. I wanted this to be a pacific meeting.

–          Too bad you didn’t have me searched.


Cain stepped in: “Please put it away for now. I’d really like to hear about Yu Wong’s idea. And how you would fit in.”


As Sen remained silent anyway, Theo put his gun back into its holster and frowning, sat heavily in an armchair. “Thank you” Yu said, almost insolently.


Yu started her introduction: “As I told you, I know who you all are. Cain and Eve, you are vampires but you don’t attack people and try to live on some plant called ‘blood fruit’. Mr. Golzine, you were the first to discover their existence and even used them to get rid of another vampire, much more dangerous. There are other vampires around the world, and not all of them are hostile to the human race. Just like your father, Eve.”


“So you see, I gathered quite a bit of information. I even met with one of the oldest vampire representatives. And he liked my idea: to create a city where vampires could live. Where we would provide them with food processed from blood fruits and where they could mingle with other people.”


Theo got up and leaned pointedly across the desk: “You are mad.”


–          Could you please let me finish?

–          Oh sure, go ahead and scramble for what dignity you may have left.


“I told you he wouldn’t like it”, Sen chimed in.


Cain and Eve were much more interested: “What do you mean by living among other people? And what kind of food could be made from the fruits?”


Yu laughed: “I was coming to that! Due to my origins, I have some kind of network in China” (Theo snorted at that point) “and I asked to perform some studies with the blood fruits. A factory is already being built. It is perfectly possible to make various canned or fresh dishes that would satisfy your needs.”


“That… That would be great!”


“But of course, I have to think about my people too. It would be chaos if I were to make this public. Which is why all of this must remain confidential. If you wish to live normally, you will nevertheless have to keep your vampire status hidden. Only the government will have the right to keep the vampire population under control. That would also mean there must be some kind of police task force that would make sure more dangerous individuals who could have slipped through our net are neutralized rapidly.”


“And where will you find those super heroes?” Theo ironized. “Do you really think a normal man can compete with a vampire?”


“Normal human beings couldn’t indeed. But you are not a normal human being, aren’t you now, Mr. Golzine? And you wouldn’t want crazy vampires going rampage on your territory, would you?”


“You’re even madder than I thought. The Wongs should really stop marrying among cousins, that messes up their genetics.” Sen couldn’t refrain from laughing.


Yu was not amused and retaliated. “Weren’t your parents brother and sister? Isn’t that even worse?”


This was a shocking piece of news for Cain and Eve. Yu had obviously broached a very touchy subject, and they knew Theo well enough to be afraid of the consequences.


Theo got up slowly and spoke detaching the syllables: “Everyone now knows you are extremely well informed, Miss Wong. Unfortunately I have no intention to take part in this farce any longer.” He looked so threatening that Yu instinctively stepped back a little and felt the urge to call for Ren.


Still talking to Yu, he threw a cold look at Sen who was looking away: “I will make sure to charge you for my time. It turns out I’m pretty expensive.”


Sen seemed on the brink of saying something but Yu ordered him to let him go. “You’d better” Theo growled. “I’m not in the mood.”


He came home to find Nathaniel diligently studying by himself.


Sitting down, he let out a sigh and said: “Never trust anyone, son. Never.”



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