279 – In the End

When Theo entered the bedroom that evening, he found Ange sitting silent on the bed, with tears slowly running down her cheeks. “Ange? What is it?”


“Is there something I can do? Are you in pain? Tell me.”


The next moment she was up and yelling at him. “How dare you ask me if there’s something you can do! You’re never home, you can’t even stay for your son’s birthday!”


“Oh… So that was it? I’m sorry it hurt you so much. I had to…”


She interrupted him: “There’s always something you have to do. Except being with your family and actually living a normal life.” Ange’s words reminded him of what Yu Wong had told him. “But there is no way I can live a normal life, Ange.”


“Then why on earth are you with me, Theo??”


“… I’m sorry. I am with you because I am selfish and I want you by my side.”


“I love you and I don’t want you to be unhappy. But I can’t change what I am. You chose me as much as I chose you.”




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