280 – No Regrets

That day was the height of Holly’s glamourous life. She was getting married on the beach to a rich and famous football player. Richer and more famous than her, that is.


She had invited Basil and Vanessa although she hadn’t seen them since their high-school days. She wanted to show them how well she had made it.


Even if she had to put up with his high airs and authoritative behavior. “Don’t just stand there. Smile” he angrily whispered at her as he turned to face the crowd.


–          Congratulations.

–          Thank you, dear. You look great.


That was true. Vanessa looked happy. This was the worst day to think about it, but Holly was feeling very keenly that she was not happy herself.


Her sad look lasted for a split second. The next moment, she was boasting about her wedding and Basil heard that as he joined them. “You haven’t changed, have you?” – “Well, you haven’t changed either, Mr. Low Quality.”


Sebastian suddenly showed up and took her by the arm.


–          What are you dawdling about? You haven’t greeted my guests yet.

–          I was just…

–          And keep on smiling, do you want people to think you’re not happy?

Maybe I’m not… You jerk.



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