283 – Scary Game

The first step was to separate Yu from her bodyguard. That was Sen’s mission. He pretended Theo was trying to break in.


But he wasn’t alone to do that.


Eve had become quite the expert in confusing minds. She could even do it while staying hidden. Ren’s head had started to swirl.


Her eyes met Sen’s and he mouthed “Go away”. It was essential that Ren would not see her or he would understand Sen’s betrayal.


Now that he was weakened and had a severe migraine, it was easy for Sen to know him down from behind, only to pretend later he fell unconscious on the floor.


“Hey, little mouse. You can come out now.”


“That’s amazing, what you can do. And from a distance, too.”


“I… I’d rather not use it that way…”


Meanwhile, Theo had entered Yu’s office and was comfortably seated in an armchair as she came in. “Good evening, Miss Wong.”


“I would like you to come with me, if you don’t mind.”


“REN!! Help me, quick!”


“Oh, I’m afraid your bodyguard may have stumbled upon some impediment. Shall we?”


The place Theo took her to was an empty restaurant.


“Why did you take me here? Speak up, Golzine! What is this about?”


Theo looked at her with clear dislike. “I must say I admire your guts. Let’s put your nerves on test and see how you react to what you are willing to let your citizens face without their consent.”


“What do you mean…?” Yu asked with a note of worry in her voice.


She heard someone move behind her and screamed when she saw Cain so close to her. “What are you…? You’re not….?”


–          No, please don’t! My baby…

–          Don’t be ridiculous, Miss Wong. We’re not going to kill you nor hurt your child.


“Cain can control himself after all, can’t he? For someone as ready as you are to let vampires roam free in your city, I thought you lacked a bit of practice.”


Theo went on as Yu’s knees buckled against her will: “For example, did you know that they could control your mind?”


“I thought… you liked my idea…” Yu said to Cain through gritted teeth.


Cain released Yu from his mental pressure and Theo sat her on a chair. He leant against a wall while Cain circled her, and continued to explain his views. “You think I didn’t see through your little scheme? You want to pass on as a pacifist but all you’re interested in is money. Most vampires have had enough time to accumulate a considerable wealth, haven’t they?” As he didn’t get any reply from her, Theo impatiently clicked his tongue and said: “It’s time.”


At his words, Cain suddenly seized Yu who struggled in vain: “No, please…” – “I’m sorry, Miss Wong.”


“Come on, just do it already!”


Yu stiffened and let out a little anguished cry as Cain swiftly bit her neck.


He was extremely cautious as she slowly lost consciousness and he set her down on the floor.


“You can stop now.” Theo was walking towards them.


Cain straightened up: “I did what you asked this time. But I’m not doing this ever again, whatever you threaten me with.”


–          Right. It’s so much better to bite random people without any supervision, isn’t it?

–          I don’t bite random…

He didn’t finish his sentence.


They had heard a muffled cry and both men froze. “Theo…” a trembling voice broke the silence. They both knew that voice.



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