289 – Family Affairs

–          Miss Wong. It seems you wished to talk to me. What can I do for you?

–          I heard you were in town, Master Hei. That is actually ideal.


“I came to talk about Sen. Are you absolutely sure about his loyalty?”


“My son is fully dedicated to the clan, I can assure you of that. Why? Has he given you any dissatisfaction?”


“You see, things happened to me recently that couldn’t possibly have happened, had Sen not betrayed me. I’m wondering if he hasn’t actually switched back to the Golzines.”


Master Hei remained silent for a few seconds then said: “That would be troublesome, indeed. I understand your concern. However, I am convinced he wouldn’t dare going against us. He knows only too well what the risks are.”


Yu got up and looked at him severely.

–          Can I have your word?

–          You can fully trust me. We wouldn’t betray your family.


But as soon as Yu and Ren had left the room, Master Hei spoke to the man standing next to him.

–          Pay Sen a visit. Remind him of where his loyalty should go.

–          With pleasure, boss.



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