298 – Human Price

–          How are you feeling today?

–          Better, thank you.


Sen had told Theo everything there was to know. How he was the bastard son of Master Qian Fang Hei, leader of the Chinese mafia. How he had been sold to them when he was but a child. Yu Wong has had contact with the Chinese gangs from years ago, and they had suggested using Sen against the Golzines. His first mission was to support anyone who would try to get rid of Theo. Then he was used as a spy and gathered information about Theo on behalf of Yu Wong. The Wongs had become allies to the Chinese mafia and she had later asked them to help with the supervision of the vampire food manufacturing. But she had realized that Sen had switched allegiance and the Hei clan made him pay.


“According to my sources, your father is still in town.”


“What do you intend to do? They’ll probably try to kill me anyway, so please don’t do anything reckless on my behalf.”


“Reckless is not my style. Stay still and get some rest.”


Theo went alone to a dingy Chinese restaurant with an attaché case.


Master Hei and Zai Jian were on the upper floor. Zai Jian turned his head and could barely believe his eyes. “Father!!”


Theo threw the attaché case on the table.

–          There. Let me speak the only language you seem to understand.

–          What is this?


“What you paid for Sen. Plus interests.”


–          You have some guts, you dog! You really think that…

–          Zai Jian, shut up.


–          Ah… yes, Fath…

–          Plus interests, you say? Is he worth that much?


“I knew you’d like that kind of deal. This is not a bargain though.”


“Have the money and leave my town.”


“Hey, that’s it? Are you a chicken or what? Can’t you even fight?”


“I know how to choose my fights. But you’re welcome to try if you wish.”


“Next time I see you, you’re dead meat, man.”


Ange remembered the wounded young man Theo had installed on the ground floor of their house as being the one who had kidnapped her years ago. But she knew from Theo that he worked for him now. She had seen him a few times before. With Theo being away, she seized that opportunity to pay him a visit. Maybe he would answer her numerous questions.

–          How are you? Do you feel in the mood for some company?

–          Of course. I’m sorry for invading your privacy, Mrs. Golzine.

–          Just call me Ange.


“I was sort of wondering if you could answer a few questions I had…”


–          What kind of questions?

–          About Theo. What he does exactly. How he is when he’s not at home.

–          I believe you should ask him yourself.


“What I can tell you though is that he is the only person in the world I would give my life away for.”




“… I see.”


Nathaniel was still working when Ange entered his room.

–          You’re not in bed yet?

–          No, I have to finish this first.


So there were men ready to die for her husband. That was the kind of man he was. She didn’t know what to make of this. Would her son become someone like that as well?



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