301 – Dinner

Thomas has disregarded it until now, but he needed to ask the detective Chris Daumillier to return Beau Merrick’s file. It was now crucial that anything regarding vampires should remain confidential. He sent Babeth to get the file for him.


Looking for the entrance, she met a little boy in the hall.


“If you’re looking for my father, he’s in the office. In front of you.”


“Good morning?”


–          Oh sorry! I was so focused I didn’t hear you! Nice to meet you, I’m Chris Daumillier.

–          Hi, I’m Babeth Lauper. I’m here on behalf of Thomas Leneuf.

–          Right, he called me. It is a pleasure.


“Let me get the file for you…”


“So you have a son?” Babeth asked while he was gathering the documents.

–          Hm? Oh you’ve met Adrian? I hope he wasn’t rude to you? It’s not easy raising a child alone and Adrian can be particularly difficult… Do you have children?

–          No, I don’t. But I raise two cats alone, I sort of understand I guess!


–          Here you go.

–          Thank you. I’ll put these away in my bag.

–          Erm, Miss Lauper?


–          By any chance… would you like to have dinner with me?

–          Oh, my… That is straightforward.

–          Well, I may never see you again so…

–          Let me think about it, I’ll contact you.


Babeth had acted bravely in front of him, but she was actually very confused. She had never imagined a man would ask her out. She had resolved to keep her one-sided love for Thomas to herself and was content to work at his side. But now this…



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