305 – Happy Bunny

“Hi Johan, happy birthday!”


–          I’ve brought you a disguise so you’ll put him on and follow me. We’re going to the Autumn Fair!

–          Huuh… I’m sorry, but who are you?


–          It’s Amelia you idiot!

–          Oh! Don’t get mad at me, it’s not obvious!


“Come on, I wanted to surprise you on your birthday.”


She had chosen a thief disguise, which was not at all to Johan’s taste, but he put it on nevertheless.

–          Where did you find these atrocities?

–          Me and Gabe’s old wardrobe! Come, I wanna try some games!


He made a face at her and she replied the same way.


“Let’s see… What is the most ridiculous game around here?”


Amelia chose the apple game, but they soon were joined by a new opponent.


She blushed as she threw him a quick look. He was a rather cute boy.


They started chatting when the game was over. His name was Marcello and he said he was a horse riding teacher at the nearby manege.


–          Oh, would you teach me then? I have always wanted to learn horse riding!

–          Sure thing. Just come any time and ask for me.


Marcello had to go back to work, and Amelia was excited by the encounter.

–          Jo! He is a hottie, don’t you think? Do you think I stand a chance?

–          I’m not interested in men, you know. Besides, isn’t he a bit too old?

–          You’re just a spoilsport, he’s only a few years older than us.


After that, she was all about Marcello: “Do you think he’s got a girlfriend? I wasn’t really at my best, was I? Maybe he’ll think I’m ugly or stupid or too young. I have to come up with a plan when I next meet him!”


As the afternoon went by, Amelia grew less and less confident.

–          I’m sure he thought I was looking ridiculous, what with that outfit and stuff…

–          But you won’t dress like that when you go to see him, right?

–          He will probably have forgotten about me…

–          You’ll remind him.


Johan became a young adult at the end of the day. And he wasn’t sure he had liked the way he had spent his last day as a teenager.



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