308 – The Right Words

In desperation, Thomas had turned to Theo again. If someone could do anything, it was him.


“You wished to see me?” For some reason, Theo liked him and would always reply to his calls.


–          Yes… You must be aware of Yu Wong’s project, right?

–          It has somehow been brought to my attention, yes.

–          Then you must also know how I’m involved?

–          I know that as well. Please get straight to the point.


–          I’m worried now, Theo. I don’t trust Yu Wong to keep things under control. It scares me to think about what could happen.

–          You should have thought about that earlier. You saw them with your own eyes.

–          I pitied them at the time. But they are not all the same, aren’t they? Some could be dangerous and I don’t see how Yu Wong is going to sort them out.


“Then you’ll be glad to learn that she appointed one of your little protégés as a mediator and potential inspector. She seems to think it’s enough to ‘sort them out’ as you say. But I still don’t get why you called me here for: what does this all have to do with me?”


“Right. You are the only one in the equation who could prevent a disaster from happening. If need be, can I trust you to step in?”


–          This is so ridiculous it’s not even funny anymore.

–          What?

–          Since when have I become some kind of police?

–          But Theo…!


–          I will not meddle in your sad business. It is not my responsibility to fill in the gaps left by Yu Wong.

–          Theo, wait…! I’m not asking you to be responsible for anything! I’m just asking for a back-up!


“If I remember correctly, I promised myself not to let you interfere in my business anymore. That promise is reciprocal. You chose your side 12 years ago when you asked me to let that man live. There will be no more favors, Thomas.”


As Theo walked off, Thomas silently cursed his resentfulness and his own inability to have found the right words.



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