310 – Human Carrier

Eve couldn’t wait to discuss the matter with her mother. She quickly messaged Cain to meet her at her mother’s place. Tanya wasn’t quite prepared for what she heard from her daughter.

–          What do you mean, I’m the carrier? Weren’t you a vampire because your father was one? Your brother Ronan is 100% human and he was born when Will had become human again.

–          All I know is that your genes must be special, because that’s what allows me to have children the normal way.

–          Isn’t that because you are half-human?


–          No, mum. Ty said I’m a fully-fledged vampire, just like Tristan. The only difference is that I’m the only one who can have children.

–          Who is Tristan?

–          Erm… another vampire Ty is studying. He calls me the ‘alma mater’.


–          So he was there as well?

–          Cain!

–          When did you come in?

–          Just a few seconds ago.


Cain got up and sat on the floor, next to Eloise. “So? Ty Huey wants to study your mother’s DNA?” Eve threw a quick sideway glance at Tanya and breathed: “Yes….”


“Oh, and Ty’s assistant also mentioned she wanted to have Eloise do some testing as well.” Cain’s reply burst out: “No way in hell.”


–          She’s not going to be labeled as a freak.

–          I… I don’t think that’s the intent.

–          I don’t care. I say she’s not doing it.



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