315 – When the Cat’s Away

Babeth had spared no expense for what was her first date in years. “You look ravishing” Chris congratulated her. “Oh, it’s just an old thing” she lied modestly.


–          Is your son going to be ok?

–          He’s old enough to stay home alone now.


Adrian was certainly old enough to find out where the beers were.

–          My old man’s having dinner with his chick. I bet he’s not coming back tonight so make yourself comfortable.

–          Can I light a cig?

–          Go outside then, or he’ll smell it.


Adrian didn’t smoke. He had tried though, but didn’t got into it.


–          You’re no fun tonight, all quiet and stuff. What’s eating you?

–          It bugs me. If it goes on like that, they’ll get married in no time.

–          So what?

–          So I don’t like it.


Winter was coming and the temperature was low. Seth finished rapidly his cigarette. Adrian remained silent the whole time.


“In fact, you’re a bit of a sentimental.”


“Am not!! Fuck you, Seth! I’m not like you, that’s all!”


–          Whaddya mean, ‘not like me’?

–          I still have a dad. He’s not much of a father, but he’s there.


Adrian had expected Seth to get angry, he felt like starting a fight. But Seth didn’t seem to be moved. He replied quietly. “In a few years, we’ll both be of age and we’ll leave home anyway. What good will your father be then?” Adrian just sniffed in disdain.


As far as he was concerned, Chris was not going to go home that night.



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