318 – Unicorn Blessing


Sandy and Kheops’ wedding took place in Egypt. Sandy wore a dress and make-up for the first time in… her life?


Among the guests, Kheops’ sister, Dounia, and her daughter Amina.


On the forefront, Bouchra, Kheops and Dounia’s mother, who seemed to be deep in thought. Ruby and Risa had also been invited as family members. Ruby cried copiously.


Or maybe she was simply thinking her husband was making a fool of himself, hitting on the bride.


Speaking of which, Ruby was seated next to Dounia’s husband, Youssef. And ignored him for the most part of the ceremony. Risa threw him a look of recognition and disgust.


–          Mom, isn’t that the man who tried to flirt with you?

–          Sssh, darling… Ignore him and look in front of you.


As the party started, Youssef and Bouchra slipped away together.

–          Is no one coming this way?

–          No. They’re all busy with the cake.


“Good. It’s been a long time, we have a lot to catch up with.”


Amina and Risa were busy playing and running around the estate. Amina knew the area quite well as she regularly spent her holidays in Egypt.


–          Hey, the night is soon falling. Come, let’s go to the orchard, it’s dark enough there and I’ll tell you ghost stories.

–          Gh… ghost stories? I don’t like ghost stories.

–          Oh, don’t be a wuss, it’ll be fun.


“Amina, aren’t we far enough already?”


Amina reluctantly agreed to stop where they were and began her gloomy tales.


Poor Risa wasn’t feeling well. She was glad when Amina ran short of horrific stories.


As they were heading back to the mansion, they made a strange encounter. “A horse? What’s it doing here by itself?”


–          Amina! It’s not a horse, it’s a unicorn!

–          Huh? It hasn’t got any horn, it’s just a plain horse.


“But… there IS a horn!”


Risa was mesmerized. She ignored Amina’s cries of denial and went straight up to the animal, offering it her hand.


It sniffed Risa’s palm and licked the inside. She laughed and stroke its head. She could clearly see the horn emitting a strange glow and this made her feel peaceful.


Amina had got a little closer. “Risa? You shouldn’t touch stray animals, they might be sick. Leave that horse be and let’s go home.” It was Amina’s turn to get scared and unlike her, Risa was too compassionate to let her in that state.


She felt a sudden impulse to hug the creature, which seemed to understand so well what was in her heart, and as she did so, it was like the unicorn hugged her back. She whispered “Good bye, take care.”


She walked away with Amina, and when she turned back, the unicorn had disappeared. “You know, I don’t think it was stray. It must be living around here. Unicorns do not have masters, don’t they?”


–          Will you stop saying it was a unicorn! It was a stupid horse! Nothing to get excited about!

–          But… didn’t you see the horn when you got closer?


–          No, I didn’t. And I wish you’d stop inventing things that don’t exist, it’s creepy!

–          But I don’t invent anything… I swear there was a horn…

–          Aah, stop it!!


–          Ok, I promise I won’t mention it anymore. But please, please don’t be angry!

–          Alright then… Geez, you can be a pain sometimes.


Ruby never noticed her daughter had been away. She was feeling a bit sad and nostalgic that night. The last time she had been in Egypt was with Hector, when he was still alive.




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