328 – At Your Discretion

Laura stubbornly carries on with her affair with Youssef Nagi.


–          Will you get a divorce any time soon?

–          Now is not a good time.

–          It never is.


It certainly wasn’t a good time, as Youssef had claimed he had to work late, while his wife and daughter were at the restaurant to celebrate Amina’s birthday.


Amina was the last one to join the teenager gang.


She was a rather proud girl.


But also disappointed that her father hadn’t shown up for her birthday.


“Don’t be sad, honey. You know how hard he works. I’m sure he’ll get you a wonderful present.”


That was the smiling face Dounia was ready to put on in front of her daughter.


But in reality, she was angry. Very angry. She knew her husband to be a lazy ass and there was no way he would work that much. What he was doing then she could only suspect.



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